Words about the things I do.

I started telling stories as a wee bairn. Would record them on cassettes, well, not me, my mum, and on cassettes so that ages me quite a bit.

At the age of 4, I started telling stories about puppies and squirrel families.

I tell stories with words, images and strategy for non-profits, start-ups and as a creative but the concept is very much the same.


Although I do think as a kid I was better at telling stories. So now I’m going back to asking simple questions, so the answers are clear and simple, and the insight can speak to a kid as much as it can speak to an exec.

Some of the stuff I’m good at is below. I have also been rated 8/8 for my great Whatsapp chat but I’ve obviously not included that here:

Creative Strategy 10/10
Production 10/10
Storytelling 10/10
Content Creation 10/10
Project Management 10/10
Creative Ideation 10/10
Copywriting 9/9 - I'm aware this biog is way too long.


If you want to know more or want your fair share of 8/8 chat, drop me a line.