Why wouldn't you?

giffgaff wanted to make choosing refurbished phones feel like the natural choice.
So we’ve looked at what sustainability means and feels like to people in broader terms and within tech and created a campaign that reimagines how sustainability is communicated. T
he focus was on the freedom giffgaff offered its members; the freedom to do more of what they love while doing the right thing.

Artboard 1_Highway Blue.png
16 Sheet_Crosstrack.png
Tube Car Panel.png

The Extra Mile 

To further gamify the experience of spending your money on yourself, we've created a new, fun way of comparing prices to go on giffgaff’s website.

Project Team

Zoltan Adorjan | Creative Strategy, Art Direction, Design & Copy*

Seun Areoye | Creative Strategy & Copy

*copy for prototypes and social posts