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Powerleague decided to introduce walking football to 50-74 years old retired males. So, we went out and talked to them. In the end, we've collected way too many anecdotal stories which all shared one core truth, it's the emotion that matters, the feeling of football. They are still the young men they were 30-40 years ago, and that was the person we decide to speak to with this campaign.

We've crafted an integrated campaign for Powerleague allowing them to create an unparalleled walking football experience through community building. The spirit of the beautiful game lives on in everyone, no matter the pace.

Walking Football - Research
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The Extra Mile 


Loneliness is a growing issue for our target audience, but football can help combat it. So to encourage interaction between football-loving generations, young and old, we’ve created the Kick-Up Challenge focusing on the skill and the love for football shared by everyone. 

Project Team

Zoltan Adorjan | Creative Strategy, Photography

Louis Faucher | Art Direction, Design