Speculative work for Sainsbury to encourage positive action.

The Problem

Social distancing, although necessary, has been a source of pressure and stress for many. Supermarkets being one of the few places that have stayed open during the pandemic and with queues that easily circle a carpark, keeping up social distancing was imperative. However once in store many of those measures, for lack of ways to manage it, have gone out the window.

The Solution
To answer this problem and stop the spread of the disease I’ve developed content for Sainsbury’s that raises awareness of the importance of keeping up good practices.
A live stream commentated on by comedians and sports commentators from select Sainsbury’s superstores to encourage people, through humour, without telling them what to do, to respect the measures put in place and each other. A little like @nickheathsport
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The Outcome
This was a unique opportunity for a supermarket to turn around a stressful situation and into something that delights and enlightens and of course, saves lives.
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The Extra Mile

To grow the impact of the content series and engage further with the viewers, NHS Donate would be launched at each store.
NHS Donate is a fund for key workers shopping at Sainsbury's stores. Customer and viewers of the live stream can choose to donate and with their donations matched by Sainsbury’s, NHS Staff can enjoy discounts on check-out. Small contributions can go a long way.


If you've been granted access before, you can see the complete pitch-deck here or using the link provided.

Want to have a look but don't have the password? Drop me a line and will be happy to share.