Kept Cup


Starbucks asked us to help them make a real contribution to the environment.
Instead of focusing on creating more fancy designs for reusable coffee cups, we looked at behaviour and found that many times people feel it's a hassle to carry one of the keep cups around at all times. Therefore we've created a unique library system for Starbucks which allows coffee lovers to keep two cups in rotation at their local store. One to take away, one for next time... and you don't even have to clean them yourself any more. Sustainability without the hassle.

Bus Stop Billboard MockUp 2.png
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The Extra Mile 

Just in case there are still people with no resuables or at least not multiple ones, we've decided to team up with artists local to each Starbucks store to create unique reusable Starbucks cups. 

Already have a classic white reusable? Well, then you can use our location-based AR filters to dress-up your cup for those social posts.

Project Team

Zoltan Adorjan | Creative Strategy, Art Direction

Andrea Zlotnick, Owen Rowbotham, Russie Miessi